Tree Service Tips

 Why hire a Tree Service?

We all love our trees and the benefits we get from them. However, sometimes it is out of necessity that we need to have them cut down and removed. At times natural causes like bug infestation, lighting strikes, or storms will cause a tree to die or fall. These photos of some examples of these types of causes and a reason to call O'Brian's Tree Service. Dieing or dead trees can be a hazard if they fall on your property or worse your neighbor's property. Better to have them removed before they come crashing down on your house or the neighbor's car.

Some times trees need to be removed to better utilize your property by putting in a driveway, parking pad, deck, patio, fence, swimming pool, or storage shed. Other times it is to beautify your property by removing a Sweet Gum with many falling sweet gum balls or Pine Tree with all those pine cones and needles to replace with a flowering tree like a Dogwood or Red Bud. Or you may remove a tree to let in more sunlight for grass to grow better or just to improve the curb view of your home. Also, thinning out some trees allows others to get more sunlight and room to fill out and flourish. Some removals of even healthy trees can help to increase your property value too. These are a few reasons why you should hire a tree service like O'Brian's Tree Service.

Also, you may have stumps in the yard from previous tree removals that need to be removed too. Stumps are like a wart on a pretty hand. Why keep mowing or gardening around stumps when it is so affordable to have them ground by O'Brain's Tree Service with a stump grinder? Our grinder is self-propelled and fits through a 36" gate, so we can get just about anywhere you need us. It grinds the stumps down 4 to  6 inches below the grade giving you the surface needed to plant grass or even put in a patio over it. In time the roots under the the ground level will decay away, but why wait to use your land more efficiently. Stump grinding helps to beautify your property and increases its usefulness and value.

We feel it is important that you are informed on how you to make the best decision on hiring a Tree Service. See our "More Tips Page".

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